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You can either send us a copy of the certificate of completion which you receive at the end of the web survey or send us the confirmation email which you can request near the end of the survey. The electronic copy will be available via the internet, to any readers interested in your work.

We will require this choice to be provided by the author at the time of the thesis submission before graduation. There is no second chance for further major corrections. It is very rare for there to be more than two examiners and a chairperson. By the end of your writing up, this normally means a desk in Chemistry West.

There is no second chance for further major corrections. The dean will inform you and your committee chair of any problems in constituting the committee or that the committee meets requirements. In some special cases, however, students may want to delay making their work available for varying lengths of time.

It is not permitted for these to be submitted directly to the examiners. No past, present, or future services are required as a condition of receiving this appointment.

The regulations lay down word limits for theses - for example, 50, words for a Computer Science PhD - and when you submit you must fill in a word length declaration form declaring the word length.

It is possible to submit earlier but you have to have permission to do so from the University. The corrections must be final. Eligible for tuition remission Health insurance: Further information in relation to this is contained on the webpage below.

Alternatively, you can post your thesis to the following address: Where an author is uncontactable the library reserves the right to seek permission from the head of the school or department where the thesis was completed.

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The word limit forces you to make that effort. Granting open access to your ETD results in more recognition of your research work, wider dissemination of scholarly information, and acceleration of research. Formatting your thesis You should follow the guidelines for formatting theses given in Presenting your Thesis: Tell the Research Students Tutor if this would cause you difficulties because of approaching deadlines.

The stated maximum number of words excludes tables, diagrams including associated legendsappendices, references, footnotes and endnotes, the bibliography and any bound published material.

Of your two final, permanently bound theses, one goes to Research Student Admin for the University Library. If you have any queries regarding the Turnitin process, please contact the PGR administrator within your School. Your supervisor and two others will need to write recommendation letters.

A thesis should have just the right amount to argue the case. So, it is important to: Guidance notes and application forms are online. Graduation ceremonies "Degree Congregations" are held every July and December. He or she ensures that the viva is run properly and fairly, taking notes and helping where necessary to clarify misunderstandings.

Submitting a thesis.

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The University needs to be notified of your intention to submit for your final examination in good time. Normally this should be. Alternatively, you can post your thesis to the following address: Research Student Administration, Registry, Aston Webb Building, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT.

Please note that it you are posting your thesis, it must by received by Research Student Administration by your submission deadline. Thesis/Dissertation Submission Checklist It is your responsibility to read and follow these instructions and to submit all required online and paper.

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If, in the opinion of more than one member of the thesis committee, the student has failed the thesis defense, there is no consensus to pass.

The chair of the committee shall notify the student in writing that the thesis fails to meet the requirements of the program and will share the reason(s) for failure. As soon as possible after the successful oral defense of your thesis or dissertation proposal, submit At UA the minimum lead time for submitting the advisor-approved, ready-to-defend manuscript to all of your other committee members for review is 2 weeks before final defense.

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Submitting your thesis university of birmingham
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Submitting Thesis University Of Birmingham